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2020 - The yEAR of the Pixies

2020 is already looking to be an exciting yEAR for PIXIEPHONIC with some fantastic bookings so far and rumour of the recording and release of our 2nd album (of the Tree-logy) produced by Spriggan Promotions Ltd ........ watch this (inner and outta) Space for all the news and updates.


Pixiephonic and Spriggan Promotions Ltd are excited to announce that the OFFICIAL LAUNCH for our eagerly awaited "The Reality of Faery Tales" album will take place on Saturday 10th February at The Enchanted Market 2018 where Pixiephonic will play it's first LIVE rendition on the Main Stage at 12pm ....... and in the next coming weeks look out for more about "The Reality of Faery Tales" Tour


Finally after 20 yEARs your favourite Faery-land folk band have manifested themsELVES in the recording studio to work on their first Studio produced Album ..... durung the last weeks of August and at the end of a super busy 2017 Festival Season the members of Pixiephonic visited Aaron of Spriggan Music Promotions and started laying down the bulk of the up and coming "The Reality of Faery-Tales" album ....... watch this (Inner and Outta) Space for any exciting updates on it's progress   


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Our very own Pixie Mikey was interviewed by Buffy from Sky 1's "What's Up TV" at Sussex Faerie Festival in Alfriston in May, Which was aired on 26th August but do not worry if you missed it as you can see the piece here at as soon on Sky TV pass over a promised copy of the show.


We also saw a recent Pixiephonic performance on The Quiet Whistle Test (links to come soon) and an  appearance on BBC South Today's report of the wonderful Pagan Pride Free Festival in Southampton.

Pixiephonic on The Quiet Whistle Test
BBC South Today at Pagan Pride South Free Festival


It's a magical collective of days coming up for the FunGuys and Girls at Pixiephonic. Sunday 20th August sees us opening the musical celebrations at the Pagan Pride South FREE Festival happening in Southampton....... then off to Spriggan Towers where we join forces with Aaron and crew of Spriggan Music Promotions to start recording our very first studio album "The Reality of Faery Tales"  ...... using the magic of the Solar Eclipse to warp the Elven Life Force to produce and cature Pixiephonic Soundwaves of course ...... then we travel to the wonderful Colours of the Oak Camp in Gloustershire for the Bank Holiday weekend where Pixiephonic will be playing the Saturday evening slot and joining in with all the fun and festival frolics with such beautiful souls ......... September is looking good too folks including an apperance on The Quiet Whistle Test, The Canterbury Mystical Market, The EquiRox with Spriggan Mist and Pixiephonic and our very own Jase the Pixie's wedding to the lovely Sam .................. also don't forget to catch (or record) Pixie Mikey on "Whats Up TV" on Sky 1 on the 26th August where he will be talking all things Faery, Pixie and Tea related and having a sing song in an interview recorded at The Sussex Faerie Festival back in May. 


At the time of the Spring Equinox 2017 during part of a weekend of seasonal celebrations including Pixiephonic and Spriggan Mist hosting the awesome and hugely successful event "The Springtide EquiRox" the members of your favourite Faerie land folk band PIXIEPHONIC signed a Recording contract with the newly formed SPRIGGAN MUSIC PROMOTIONS ........ yes you hEARd it correct folks PIXIEPHONIC has a record contract and will be in the studio this summer ready to release our very first proper Studio Album by the end of the yEAR.


Working closely with the band will be Album Producer, Soundguy, Pixiephonic Bass Player, Creative Genuis and good friend AARON CILIA who we look forward to together creating a masterpeice to finally  give our fans a magical musical gift in thanks for their support over the yEARs  

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