Who are Pixiephonic?

Pixiephonic are a Faery-land Folk band that for 20 yEARS have entertained the lands of Albion with their Strangely Strange brew of Psychedelic Folk Music, spinning tales of Pixies, Faeries, Magic, Trees and of cousre Mushrooms. their songs are famous for their ability to become constant earworms long after hearing them. As one of the main instigators of the UK's underground Psy-folk scene Pixiephonic are well known for their infamous Cup of Tea and Mushroom Songs that have fascinated Festival goers and their entertaining and often comical performances on stage make Pixiephonic a favourite at the many Faery and folk festivals, gatherings and Events sporing up across the Kingdom recently.

Pixie Mikey - Vocals and Guitar


Pixie won "Faerylands Got Talent" in 1996, where the main prize was to come into this realm and entertain with his bardic skills. Once here he soon found a love for Tea brewed in Pots, the smoking of Pipes and serenading Princesses. He has a Love of the Woods and Forests, travelling the Kingdom with his lady Guitar and spreading his message of Magic, Love and Mushrooms.

Simon High Elf - Guitar


Simon the High Elf formed Pixiephonic with Pixie many Moons ago,  weaving in his magical guitar melodies adding the folk ROCK part of the bands Pixie ROCK and tRoll. He lives in his Castle with his beautiful Elfin family who can often be seen dancing at the side of the stage whilst Simon amazes the crowds with his haunting Guitar solos. Simon's other passion in life  is being what is known as in this realm as being a "Petrol Head" loving Motor Engines, Bikes and Cars.

Donna Le Fay & Alan Druid

- Vocals and Drums


Alan Druid is Pixie's father and Donna is his lovely lady. Alan keeps the band in check as wise Elder with his Shaman Rythmns and Druid Chants whilst Donna adds her beautiful Vocal Harmonies to give the Phonics needed to make a good Pixie tune. Alan and Donna are the Guardians of Toadstool HQ, the Sacred Temple and Faerie Embassy that often provide santuary (and Tea) to visiting folk who pop in as well as giving the band space to practice, record and chill out inbetween performances. both Donna and Alan love spending time pottering around Toadstool HQ's garden. weaving and casting Magical Spells and the helping those who need it with their Healing Arts.

Daisy Doo - ClariNot


Daisy is the latest member of Pixiephonic adding her fantastic magical melodies on the ClariNot, Daisy was found dancing among the flowers at a Festival and soon joined in with the Pixiephonic adventures, she also runs her Massage Faery-py healing service  and can often be found in the Pixiephonic Toadstool Tent at Events. Daisy loves life and the people that make it so Magical.

Lee Love - Bass Guitar


 Lee Love (of Loxley) fame} Lchilled out Bass melodies goes down a treat with our Pixiephonic vibes and more IMPortantly has been keeping us all in time, our very own Metro-Gnome  

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